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Karma Crew & Creative. We make great films. Great films make our clients happy. Happy clients keep us doing the jobs we love.

We’re a bunch of experienced filmmakers who help broadcasters and brands put their vision on screen. We’ve all been around the block. We’ve worked in telly. We’ve done commercials, music videos and docos. We’ve produced lovely films for household brands and crazy virals for little-known names.

We have two distinct, but distinctly interrelated, arms to our business.

On the Crew side, we supply highly skilled DOPs, camera ops, soundies and technicians to broadcasters and indies with their own production teams. Every single day, a Karma crew is out shooting live sport, music videos, prime time entertainment and factual shows.

On the Creative side, we offer a complete creative service to agencies, production companies and direct to brand. Our Creative team have produced videos for some of the world’s best known brands, delivering everything from global brand films to quirky virals and branded online content.

Two sides but we’re on the same team. We swap ideas, we pool expertise and we talk a lot. It means our work on both sides stays fresh, creative and - well - just damn good.

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