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Kata Boy was born J. Rabb in 1989 in the East Oakland, California neighborhood of Sobrante Park. He started off producing beats in the garage which developed into writing his own raps and recording them on his cassette recorder around 1999. Years later around 2004, Kata started taking his music seriously. For example, he began investing in music programs and quickly learning how to work them on his own. By the beginning of 2008, Kata, had recorded over 8 solo self-produced albums and making a name for himself. Sadly, by the end Of 2008, with his music career on the rise, he took a tragic downfall. His studio that he had been building for over 5 years was stolen from him. He lost all the hardrives with all the music he ever recorded. After the apparent downfall, Kata quickly bounced back and started taking his anger out in his music. Which gained an audience all across the world. Especially after dropping a mixtape titled: "Undecided Thoughts Vol. 1". After dropping a hit single titled: "I'm Rockin", and shooting a video for it, "Kata grabbed attention very quickly. The video hit over 47,000 plays. He then created 6 more albums by 2012 and caught the attention of legends in the music industry. He's still pushing a "hard line". Kata has recently released a leak-style tape titled: "I'm Back On My Y.J.K.". "Y.J.K." meaning "Young Jay Kata", which was "the guy before he took the major downfall". The new tape hit an amazing count of 3,000+ downloads in the first week of release. Kata Boy Is now working on a EP produced by E-A-SKI 2013.


  1. E-A-SKI
  2. Shaun Tai
  3. Emcee T