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Based at the Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar, the Katara Art Center is an integral part of the Cultural Village and has a long-term vision for the production and development of Art and Cultural events. Aiming to encourage arts practice and to provide facilities such as gallery space, venues for Art performance, workshop areas, and educational programs involving the arts, the Center has two distinct focuses, Gallery spaces for Art exhibitions, where local, regional and international contemporary artists are invited to exhibit, and the second focus, the retail units incorporating different aspects of Design, as fashion, jewelry, contemporary objects design, handcrafts/antiques, and an Art Bookshop that supports the knowledge production in the Gallery spaces and educational programs.
The Contemporary focus and programming at the Center is complemented with exhibitions of Classical and Modern Art when possible. Our team realises that it is of capital importance to depart from the heritage and historical artistic past of the region in order to be able to produce and create a meaningful future, be it in the cultural realm or in arts production.
Our Programming is Locally tuned, Regionally aware and Internationally engaged.
The Katara Art Center has an artistic direction approach streamlined with the best Art Galleries and Art Centers internationally respected. We aspire to become a reference in the Qatari arts scene and in the region, for the stimulation and promotion of Qatari artists.
The programming at the Center will be aligned with the City of Doha cultural and arts programming, and with Qatar at large, its social, cultural and political reality. Our ambition is to work in synchrony with other events taking place outside of the programming of the Center, and possible cultural partners in Doha and Internationally.

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