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KATE DIONEDA's eponymous fashion brand represents feminine individuality on the edge.

It embodies the strong, the mysterious, the very limits that every woman ponders to tread upon - and mirrors it back to blend with a woman's own myriad of personalities and styles.

The sartorial vision of KATE DIONEDA is to unveil a stronger individuality that is not only captivating but more confident, mystifying, bold, seductive, sexy. Yet it further unravels a fashion paradox where a plethora of words also emerges in contrast to the brand's underlying philosophy: words such as classic, glamorous, romantic, lavish, dramatic...

It is fashion that thus lie on the verge but strive to explore these boundaries beyond convention. And it is here where KATE DIONEDA engender women of all personas and psyches to walk this path and reveal this edgier femininity and awaken the sensibilities of even the reserved or the modest, of women driven to succeed, or those of youthful, carefree innocence.

KATE DIONEDA draws inspirations for the line from her own vision and interpretation of the quintessential strong feminine ideals and lifestyle in mind.

The women's fashion clothing and clothes design ranges from subtle nuances to fully-fledged reflections of these identities. The boutique clothing apparel is made manifest by the utilization of the timeless black-and-white monochromatic palettes and hues, the fusion of fabric and leather, and the application of metallized and gemmed accents.

All wardrobes and outfits are bespoke, made-to-order. The designer is personally involved with the couture and its construction at her boutique home-atelier, guaranteeing this personal touch, attention to detail, its utmost craftsmanship and high quality.

Let us serve as your online shopping fashion source for bespoke and boutique style clothing from clothes designer, KATE DIONEDA - the Feminine Edge, designer clothes online.

All women have this 'other' side.
to unleash yourself and infuse you with a
new, edgier take on your style and lifestyle.

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