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KatieCadet2012 (Formely MiaFan2010) is an advanced Scratcher since August 2011, a BetaArchive Collector since July 2012, a ModArchive tracker since May 2012, and an Equestrian Musician since October 2012, and is one of the experienced internet users from Canada. She likes StarFlyers, My Little Pony, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nyan Cat, Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid, The Land Before Time, Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince and others. She is also a member of Scratch, ViewletCentral, ModArchive, BetaArchive, Vetusware, Tar Heel Reader, Equestrian Beats and her Local Public Library. She likes helping out with New Scratchers and she also likes to make Movies with Pinnacle Studio 8, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 PLUS and MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 PLUS. She also has a Mac Computer, Which is a Power Mac G4. On Scratch, She likes to make operating systems, apps, video conversions, electronics simulations, animations, music, soundboards and more! She also has a Website and Forums at miafan2010.weebly.com/ and miafan2010.freeforums.org/.

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