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Kato was born and raised in Tampa, Fl. He hails from the unforgettable College Hill projects located in the heart of Hillsborough County. Coming up in the projects was hard. With a single mother, two sisters and his older brother in jail Kato was left to be the man of the house. Growing fast gave Kato a lot dreams and aspirations, one of which is to someday own a record company. With a new goal at hand Kato started to write lyrics daily knowing one day they would come to be good use. Becoming a rapper has also been a dream of Kato's for a long time. At about the age of 14 Kato decided to lay down his lyrics to beats. After being in the studio just one time he knew this was his future occupation. Knowing that getting discovered in the rap game is hard, Kato decided to take a few years to perfect his flow. In 2006 Kato began to independently record songs and distribute CD's. Kato has had a great response from his community. Now he is in search for the next best thing which is to be signed to an independent label so the world can hear his flow. With his roots embedded deep in the community he wants to be able to give back to the people that supported him through everything. With a strong mind, and the will to succeed Kato is ready for whatever

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