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  1. Dyzlo Film

    Dyzlo Film Plus Utrecht, The Netherlands


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    Welcome to Dyzlo Film's online portfolio! We hope you enjoy your stay. Lots of stuff to see here. Drop us a line if you like!

  2. Federico Forcolini

    Federico Forcolini London


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    Federico Forcolini is a London based independent filmmaker. His short films have screened at many international film festivals, won several competitions and been either finalists or short listed for many others. Most recently a 02:20min edit of his shot 'Two Ladies & A Hill', re-titled…

  3. James Price

    James Price Plus London, England


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    James Price is an artist & filmmaker who runs Field Studies Ltd. - www.field-studies.co.uk - a production company that takes a closer look at the world around us. 07876352106 twitter.com/FieldStudiesUK

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