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Matthew Kaundart was born and raised with his twin brother in Fort Smith, Arkansas, before finally making the move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking, earning a degree in Film Production from the University of Southern California along the way. His live-action short film titled “Recovery” was screened at The International Student Film Festival, Tel-Aviv, and his mixed-media, documentary short called “twin(s)” took the Writing and Innovation awards at the No Budget Film Festival in Los Angeles. Most recently, Matthew worked with Collaborative Arts LA to create a mixed media, pseudo-documentary called "Dinosaurus," and he is in postproduction on a web series pilot for Matthew is also working on a feature script about being a twin, a version of which was a finalist for Sundance’s 2014 January Screenwriters Lab. In the advertising world, Matthew has worked as a treatment writer for the production company Tool of North America in Santa Monica, and is now participating in 72U through the ad agency 72andSunny. Contact him at if interested in collaborating—or to just arrange a time to chat!

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