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Kauri is a production team specialising in multimedia storytelling, web documentaries and short films.

Contact Kauri
You can get in touch with Kauri via e-mail - info@kaurimultimedia.com

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You can follow Kauri on Twitter: twitter.com/kaurimultimedia and on Facebook: facebook.com/kaurimultimedia

Who are Kauri
Photographer/Videographer Diego Vivanco and Producer Ian Clark make up Kauri Multimedia.

Diego's feature stories and photo essays have featured in international newspapers and magazines, forums, exhibitions and festivals. You can find out more information on Diego and check out his individual work at diegovivanco.es.

Ian has worked as promo producer for National Geographic Channel both in the UK and Spain for several years. He has also spent time as a freelance producer working for clients such as Discovery, MTV, Paramount Comedy, Channel 5, Action Against Hunger. He has won three World, three Latin American and one European Promax Awards.

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