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  1. sUAS

    by AdamChicago joined

    5,357 Videos / 976 Members

    FPV, UAV and Remote Control Aerial Videography fans please contribute to and enjoy some of the best aerial video footage found on Vimeo. These three disciplines of aerial videography represent…

  2. Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

    by Christer Dahl joined

    6,368 Videos / 2,244 Members

    For all Aerial Photo/Video addicted people... PS, ONLY AERIAL MOVIE CLIPS RECORDED FROM ACTUAL AIRCRAFT/AERIAL DEVICES. NOT from your seat in an commercial airplane... Due to the increased amount…

  3. Civilian UAV

    by Krzysztof Bosak joined

    75 Videos / 24 Members

    Documenting our efforts to use, create and play with UAV. We define and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) as an object capable of fully autonomous navigation (using an autopilot). This is more…

  4. Satellite & Aerial Imagery Mapping BLOG

    by ScapeWare3d joined

    44 Videos / 15 Members

    Welcome to the Satellite and Aerial imagery MAPPING visualization blog. The purpose of this blog is to provide a place where those of you that create maps (that use satellite imagery, aerial imagery…

  5. RC Aerial Videos

    by Yosri joined

    3,991 Videos / 703 Members

    A channel dedicated to footage taken from radio controlled planes

  6. FPV-Community

    by Grandcaravan joined

    3,271 Videos / 560 Members

    For all FPV-pilots of www.FPV-Community.com and www.FPV-Community.de

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