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My main interest is sound and music, but I find all art fascinating

My music taste is varied, which is reflected in my compositions. I can play classical guitar, or layered electric guitar with heavy effects, or programme beats and bleeps, remix, play with samples or create sounds from scratch. It all depends on the context and mood required

I am currently interested in producing video accompaniments to songs and music pieces that I have composed over the years and hope to build up an online repository over time, both as an archive and demonstration of what I am capable of. Further to that, I am keen to produce new material and if anyone is interested in collaborating on a project, feel free to get in touch

I have enough kit to allow me to produce pretty much anything I want, plus I have a minidisc recorder for going out in the field

I hope you enjoy watching and listening to my videos

If you'd like to hear more audio, you can always visit my main site:

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