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Keen i Media is an advertising, marketing, design & TV production agency. We are driven by an uncommon commitment to excellence.

Keen i Media Ltd is the only truly full-service media, marketing and television production company serving clients all over the Bahamas, in the United States and Europe.

We produce television documentaries, feature programmes, commercials, and multi-camera live events, ENG/news productions, industrial and training videos, provide online optimisation and distribution, and customer packaging and duplication.

We are photography experts in every major field, including portrait & family, fashion & studio, wedding, events, aerial, industrial, product and industrial coverage.

We provide all areas of marketing and public relations, including strategic planning and execution, campaign placement, development and management, press release writing and distribution, print/graphic design, printing (brochures, banners, signage), and web-based and social media campaigns.

We design, produce and manage web sites.

But our greatest strength is leveraging the benefits of all of these areas of work and developing the most efficient and effective synergies in each element to achieve the greatest impact.

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