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Keith Piper is a Visual Artist and Reader in Fine Art and Digital Media at Middlesex University.

His creative practice exists in response to specific issues, historical relationships and geographical sites. He adopts a research driven approach, which prioritises thematic exploration over an attachment to any particular media. Therefore, his work over the past 30 years has ranged from painting, through photography and installation to a use of digital media, video and computer based interactivity.

As a student at Trent Polytechnic in the early 1980s, Piper was a founder member of the Blk Art Group. Since then he has exhibited work internationally, published writings and taught in institutions in the UK and North America. His recent work has included The Perfect City, a multiscreen video project commissioned by Film London (2007), solo exhibitions in the Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis (2004). He was commissioned to produce site specific works for the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of Uncomfortable Truths (2007) and in 2010 undertook an artist residency at the CBK in Dordrecht, Holland leading to a solo show entitled ‘A Future Museum of the Present’. His work has been featured in the Afro Modern at Tate Liverpool in 2010, and Migrations at Tate Britain in 2012. He is a founder member of the ‘Blk Art Group Research Project 2012’, which is examining the legacies of the Blk Art Group in relationship to the development of the British ‘Black Art Movement’ of the 1980’s. This group staged an exhibition and symposium at the Graves Gallery, Sheffield in February 2012, and a major conference entitled ‘Reframing the Moment: Legacies of the 1982 Blk Art Group Conference’ in Wolverhampton in October 2012.

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