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  1. ART338 Spring 2013

    by Kelley Bell

    95 Videos / 17 Members

    Videos and drafts for ART338, Motion Design at UMBC.

  2. ART338 Fall 2013

    by Kelley Bell

    88 Videos / 17 Members

  3. ART338 Spring 2014

    by Kelley Bell

    68 Videos / 17 Members

    Vimeo group for classwork in ART338: Motion Design at UMBC.

  4. ART492-01 SPRING 2012

    by Kathryn Bell

    36 Videos / 16 Members

    Videos from the MFX class at University of MD, Baltimore County, Spring Semester 2012

  5. ART492 Fall 2012

    by Kelley Bell

    90 Videos / 16 Members

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