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Kelly Moe, an electro/pop/R&B musician and performance artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has a signature sound that blends the androgynous voice of Michael Jackson with the trippy vibe of Portishead and the experimental production values of Lady Gaga.

2001 Delicious Cargo
2002 Cire: Becoming
2002 Cire: Renaissance
2003 The Bullet Proof Myth
2004 Cire: To The Core
2004 In Absentia
2004 Decire
2005 Program Red
2005 Queertivity
2006 Basic (EP)
2007 Basic Fix
2008 Candy Coated
2009 On The Rize
2009 The Makeup Of Kelly Moe
2011 The Addictive Collection
2012 Kelly Moe

"Kelly is an exceptional music artist and from the first gooey euro pop track I heard I was hook" - Ira Flowers (Filmmaker)

"Super sexy makeout dancefloor sugar for the soul with explicit homo lyrics" –Aaron Scott (Out Magazine, Pink Martini, OPB)

"Kelly Moe makes me want to get funky, but more than that Kelly's lyrics reflect a true gender-queer experience. The honest rawness in which s/he presents sex, love, and desire astounds me! The songs are narratives that everyone can hold on to." -Lee Kyle a.k.a. Splendora Gabor (Sissyboy)

2007 Riot Acts (Self)
2007 The Auteur (Actor/Band)
2012 Thick Relations (Composer)
2012 Up and Out (Actor)
2010 An Open Invitation (Composer)
2013 The Push Hard Inn (Self)
2014 Dyke Central (Composer)
2014 The Push Hard Inn (Self)

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