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Norman, OK

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Born in Tulsa, OK in 1993
Art Media Junior at The University of Oklahoma

I got my first digital camcorder when I was in 6th grade. I then taught myself how to edit my videos on Windows Movie Maker. Of course, they were awful. What else would you expect from a 6th grader on Movie Maker? Trippy transitions and scrolling titles were all the rage.
I soon graduated from Movie Maker and was shown Final Cut Pro in my 7th grade broadcasting class. I was the queen of music montages. I was involved in video broadcast journalism for five years and was finally introduced to the wonders of shooting video with a DSLR. Despite all the video broadcast training I received throughout junior high and high school, I fell in love with photography and left video.
In college, I was accepted into the Art Media program which includes photography, film and video. I've taken hours and hours of photo classes but just now getting into the video ones. I got my Vimeo account to share my progress through these classes and hopefully receive some critiques as well!

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