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The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform. – Alfred Kinsey

Sex educator Kelsey Obsession is the world’s most unlikely porn star. She was THAT GIRL who guilted an ex-boyfriend into deleting an XXX collection off his computer. Frustrated by her own hangups with sex, Kelsey spent 7 years as a sex researcher. Craving a more ‘hands on’ approach to sex, she’s worked the last several years modeling, directing, and producing crazy kinky fetish videos for her website, In addition to her fetish work, she is creating a fun and sexy video series to help individuals and couples have an even better sex life. Kelsey’s mission is to help people let go of sexual guilt and shame, to love and accept their sexuality, and create honest and open intimate relationships. When it comes to sex, Kelsey has learned no matter what turns us on, we ALL want the same thing – pleasure, love, and to have a fucking great time!

“That which is within you and expressed will set you free, but that which is within you and not expressed will eat you from inside.” – Book of Thomas

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