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Kenneth Tan received his BA in Film Studies and English Literature as a Freeman Scholar from Wesleyan University. Under an MDA scholarship, he went to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts MFA program for Film Production. He also received his MBA from the University of Oxford, and was a member of JRR Tolkien’s historic writing group, the Oxford Inklings.

Kenneth’s expertise and research work is in visual structure and story structure across directors, time periods, cultures and genres. He also examines subtext and film as a device for emotional manipulation from a thematic and visual perspective. Kenneth’s interest is also in the artistic and commercial demands in the film industry.

His commercial work includes directing TV commercials for corporate clients such as Cadbury, Brands, Vanke and FANCL alongside agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather and Bates. In the documentary space, he created and executive produced Bird Park 3D, which was the first major 3D documentary on birds. It was broadcasted on global TV channels such as Sky, Canal Plus, CCTV, MTV and Netflix. He has directed documentaries in alternative medicine and medical advancements for UCLA and TV5.


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