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Kenzo Digital is a director, creative director and artist based in New York. He has had films in the Tribeca Film Festival and Mill Valley Film Festival, and was a nominee for the Rockefeller Film Fellowship. He has had a string of successful viral video and music art projects that have gained him notoriety (“City of God’s Son”, “Vote Obama”, and “Super Ultra Karatay” to name a few). He has built his brand single handedly as a highly conceptual and culturally penetrating artist who has been able to powerfully re-mythologize his subjects through his work. He has attracted some of the biggest artists in music and top ad agencies as result. He joined world renowned ad agency Wieden & Kennedy as a Creative Director where he creative directed and art directed the Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul broadcast and print campaigns for Nike/Jordan Brand. He worked with Beyonce to create her ground breaking 2011 Billboard performance, and with Kanye West for highly acclaimed video art concert series. He is the video director of world famous video artist Nam June Paik’s studio (the father of video art), and has done video art installations for him at the Guggenheim, Tate Museum, and National Gallery of Art. Most recently he directed Beyonce's incredible music video and live performance of her song "I Was Here" for The UN's World Humanitarian Day campaign. His work has been critically acclaimed by The New York Times, Vice Magazine/The Creator’s project, The Huffington Post, Kanye West, Complex Magazine, Wired Magazine, and many others. He has several film, TV, and technology projects currently in development. He is represented by Oscar winning production company Ridley Scott & Associates (R.S.A.).

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