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I recently finished my undergraduate degree at Lewis & Clark College, where I majored in Religious Studies. I'm a huge nerd for all things involving history, science fiction, travel, and food. I also make music and short films from time to time.

"The Zone" is an homage to Andrei Tarkovsky (the director of "Stalker") and Joe Hisaishi (the composer for many Miyazaki films). I wrote the music and pulled clips from Tarkovsky's film. I'd like to expand this theme into a full soundtrack for...something. Work in progress! More songs can be found at

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  1. Nice work! I really appreciate what you did by separating each frame. It's so easy to overlook the detail of graphic novels, even when that's not your intention. I thought the music also fits nicely with the tone of Hisaishi's score, but it…