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Kevin A. Larson studied Cinematography and Editing at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy and graduated in May 2012 with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Film and Broadcast

Kevin has a passion for being behind the camera producing compelling content. His past projects range from live broadcasts, cinematic weddings, and music videos, to commercials and feature films. He invests himself into any production he takes part in and does everything he can to tell stories creatively and effectively down to the last frame. Kevin's ambition is to continue being behind the camera, constantly improving his craft while collaborating towards a final goal of great products and productions.

For Rates and If you'd like to have Kevin shoot or edit a project for you, email:

Cell: 574-209-1315

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  1. Awesome video! I'm curious how do you power the handheld follow focus? What type of batteries do you use?