A. Celeste Sheffey of Khoncepts

Boston, MA

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A. Celeste Sheffey of Khoncepts
enjoys supporting clients with achieving their desired goal of creating uniquely entertaining retirement, birthday & wedding day memories through visual arts.

Using Vimeo allows me to fullfil one of my clientele's most popular requests -uploading a private, 30 second to 5 minute online video with music that they can share with sponsors, friends and family!!

Other inquiries involve capturing "still video images" by freezing video frames and saving each image as a jpg file. The photo images are then used to create a uniquely, personalized gifts.

Please visit one of my online stores to view many colorfully enchanting products:

1) cafepress.com/khoncepts2
2) zazzle.com/celestesheffey

Kindly contact me for details on how to make your occasion super special: celeste@khoncepts.com

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