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Las Vegas, NV

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Kid Meets Cougar is an “electro-organic” A/V collaboration between Las Vegas couple, Brett Bolton and Courtney Carroll.

During live performances, Courtney and Brett multitask on multiple instruments, trade vocal duties, and trigger home-made projection mapped videos to accompany their special brand of tuneful, loop-friendly electro-pop. Courtney usually plays drums, keyboard, and auxiliary percussion, while Brett plays guitar, bass, and triggers/manipulates A/V samples on the fly using 2 SPD-S drum pads, a joystick controller, and a foot controller.

All of Kid Meets Cougar's songs are written, recorded, and mixed by Kid Meets Cougar in their home studio, Sasquatch SoundLabs.

You can check out their new EP "Sierra Papa Tango" and debut album "For Breakfast" here:

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