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I’m Kate Elwell ~ Writer. Wife. Mom. Christian. Videographer. Photographer. Traveler with kids in tow. (Not necessarily in that order.) I tell stories, mine and yours, via video, photos and writing.

I’m constantly en route to somewhere, though often I don’t even know where I’m going. My husband’s job requires him to be on the road 80% of the year. Together with our two kids, we travel as a family as much as possible. In order for that to be a reality, I quit my job as a magazine editor in 2011 for a life of full-time transient momhood. This blog is a bit about our journey and a bit about what I’m learning along the way. For more of my story, be sure to visit my blog at kidsenroute.com/blog or my portfolio at mediaenroute.com.

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  • media en Route - music videos, commercials, press releases, photojournalism - find out more about my media services here.
  • kids en Route - My blog documents my adventures (and mis-adventures) as a traveling mom of two.


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