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Kiera Ormut-Fleishman is a digital designer whose work spans across the mediums of interactive, graphic, and motion design.

Kiera grew up in the Great White North (Toronto, Canada), and at an early age moved to Montreal to attend McGill University, where she later received her BA (Hons) degree in Art History (her favorite art period is Russian Constructivism).

Always knowing she wanted to be a designer, she moved to New York City to study at Parsons the New School for Design. She received her MFA degree in Design and Technology from Parsons, and then began freelancing and working fulltime in New York.

In her spare time Kiera plays guitar (a baby blue Fender Strat), letterpresses at the studio near her house in Broolyn, and makes ambitious attempts at cooking elaborate meals (only half of which end up edible).

She is currently available for freelance and full-time opportunities.

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