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Kieran Hanson (MA Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester) is based between the UK and China, working freelance in documentary film and education.

Kieran has been working in Sierra Leone, West Africa since 2011. His first film was the collaborative ethnographic documentary Shooting Freetown, which has won several Best Film awards, was nominated for the prestigious One World Media Awards 2012 and is currently showing at festivals and conferences around the world.

As part of Manchester based film production and education company AllRitesReversed, his roles include Co-Producer on One Long Journey, Editor on British Born Chinese and Tutor on the Filmmaking For Fieldwork summer course.

Kieran recently returned from several months in Brussels developing audio-visual projects with Think Young. He is currently in Kunming, China, delivering workshops and screenings at the University of Yunnan and editing his forthcoming film Beyond Freetown: The Moa River Journey.

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