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The Kikulu Foundation was founded with an important mission: To work with communities to help support education. Education and development in communities affected by oppression and poverty. Education and awareness for children at home on the lack of education and opportunity many children battle around the world, and how they can help make a difference.

In 2011, American traveler Alisha Robertson left to volunteer around the world with various nonprofit organizations in 7 different developing countries. During this time, she learned that a common factor in all areas was the lack of opportunity many women and children had for education and skills training. Wanting to be a part of change in a positive and contributing way she founded The Kikulu Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting education for women and children in areas affected by poverty and oppression.

We are Kikulu, which means both "it is important" and "to remember" in Luganda, a regional dialect of Uganda.
We believe it is important to support brighter futures, and to remember the impact of change each one of us can help create for children around the world. Children who are gifted and lack the opportunity and support but possess intelligence, determination, and perseverence.

Please visit WWW.KIKULU.ORG to learn more and get involved

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