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Patrick is from 'X-E-S' with Louis Burdett & Anastasia Mano, also in ‘Subterranean Death Trap’ and ‘Spiney Fleshpot’ with Peter Read. Has recorded with Bain Wolfkind on ‘The Swamp Angel’ and Orryelle’s ‘Retcha-Watcher’. ‘Twisted Subterranean Death Trap’ performed a live soundtrack to ‘Dr. Mabuse – Der Spieler’ at Mercury Cinema, Adelaide in collaboration with ‘Spiney Fleshpot’ and Peter Read. Previous acts include ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ ‘Jaundiced Eye’ ‘Box the Jesuit’ ‘Madroom’ ‘Moist’ ‘Leather Moustache’ and ‘Smack of Jellyfish’

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