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Kim Holm is a Norwegian creative artist and motion designer working with both static and moving forms of design and artistic expression.

Kim is deeply passionate about the art of creating memorable moments in time — moments projecting identities and telling stories. His main field of interest lies within art and design in moving forms, such as main titles, show openers or music videos.

After graduating from Hyper Island (Sweden) in 2006, Kim has worked with renowned studios and agencies including Shilo - New York, Bleed, Scandinavian Design Group, Toxic and Apt.

During the past years, he has won a multitude of awards and earned international recognition in the fields of motion and graphic design. Kim's work has been featured in festivals, books and magazines all over the world.

Growing up in the outskirts of eastern Norway has given him a strong connection to nature and wildlife, which naturally has become an important factor in his way of living and working. Kim's work is frequently influenced by an obsessive passion for nature, physics, music, architecture, psychology and contemporary art.

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