Will Eccleston

Atlanta, GA, USA

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Will Eccleston got his post production start in 1997 as an intern and assistant editor for WHOA! Films, an award-winning Atlanta post production facility. Rising through the ranks quickly, he was hired as Senior Avid Editor at iXL Film & Video in 1998. While at iXL, he honed his creative talents and client skills on a vast array of broadcast and non-broadcast projects, and was awarded a Telly for his “Summit Global Partners” insurance commercial.

In 2001 Will left iXL to pursue a freelance career. His 2002 48 Hour Film, “Makeover Madness” was included on the Best of the Nation DVD. In 2004 he completed “This Old Movie Palace – Fixing The Fox,” produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting, which won a regional Emmy Award. His work has garnered a number of Telly Awards, a Summit International Award, a Platinum AMCP Ava Award, a bronze Remi from the Houston International Film Festival, and undoubtedly many others of which he’s failed to keep track. Will continues to freelance today under the name Kinetiscape Films, Inc.

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