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Hi there,

I’m an artist who tries to tell great stories and create the best work.

I'm a 24 years old Indian artist, who tries to prove himself in CG world. I consider myself as a CG generalist and specialized in Animation and Rigging.

I love to watch movies and make movies.


  1. morrmeroz
  2. Pilgrim Films
  3. MaxPhotoPassion
  4. Freefly
  5. we think things
  6. Kalum Ko
  7. matt greenwood
  8. Simon Russell
  9. Oh Yeah Wow
  10. Lightfarm Studios
  11. VinhSon Nguyen
  12. India Design Council
  13. Robert Balasko,
  14. Tattoo,Girls & Weed
  15. VisionColor
  16. Szymon Masiak
  17. MoGraph Mentor
  18. Animation Mentor

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