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What's Kitevibe? On the one hand it is the name of our kite school and the other it has become a lifestyle and the way we approach our flying.

At Kitevibe we have been teaching a comprehensive range of power kite courses and lessons using only fully qualified instructors at our location inside Richmond Park, London for nearly ten years. Power kiting is a year round sport so whether it be on grass, sand or snow it's time to get into the kite vibe now!

There are any number of fun ways a kite can pull you along. You can sit in a kite buggy, stand on a landboard, wear a pair of inline skates or ride a surf board. We run a wide range of kiting courses from taster sessions right through to every kite traction course available.

Power kiting is an extreme sport and such each of our instructors carry £5m of insurance. Kitevibe itself is fully insured by the Royal Sun Alliance insurance company.

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