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Kapwani Kiwanga is an artist and filmmaker. Her documentary, video, installation and sound works explore the intimacies of the human condition in relation to historical, social and political forces.

With a varied background in the audiovisual fields Kapwani Kiwanga has produced work for radio, television and the Internet. Kapwani Kiwanga’s work has been shown internationally on television, at film festivals, in galleries and art centres.

In previous works Kapwani Kiwanga has used documentary to explore the interiority of individuals and communities situated on society’s periphery. Bon Voyage (Colour Video, sound, 3', 2004) is a portrait of one woman in her workplace: the toilets of Paris’ Montparnasse train station. Rooted (Colour Video, sound, 24’, 2004) is a documentary that explores identity in contemporary Scotland through the patrons of black hair salons and their clients.

Kiwanga’s interest in social-political issues guides her current exploration of a formal dialogue between; documentary and fiction cinema, performance and installation.