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I am . . .
A devoted follower of Christ
A humble servant to my wife and children

With those 2 things as my priorities in life I also use what God has given me to produce "stuff" to bring Him glory. I serve as the Technical Coordinator at a Church in Kennewick, WA. There I maintain all of the audio, video, and lighting equipment and manage the volunteer crews that run the stuff for services.

I am also a freelance videographer and photographer. Basically I shoot stuff for a living. Though lately most of my effort has focused on the audio side of thing at the church. It's a big job . . . I won't lie.

Thanks for checking this out.


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    I was watching northpoint's live online service when this was shown. I'm cynical and not easily moved emotionally. I cried for 20minutes after. The protagonist is so well created. The father is cast perfectly. You can see the love on his face. I've…
  2. I think about 3:45 I say casey start to tear up. I'm seriously bummed. I've enjoyed watching this on my big screen at home using the vimeo app but now . . . Really. . . . I feel sad.