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My passion for filmmaking starts with finding stories that promote hope, adventure and beauty and bringing people together to experience those stories through the visual medium of film in both fictional narrative and documentary.

I write, shoot and edit films. Whether that be for a company, a non-profit, a church group, or a few people who want to make a film, I enjoy working together creatively to produce the right story that will carry your message to others.


  2. Atria Creative
  3. The Village Church
  4. MistoBox
  5. Vélos Films
  6. Paperback Weddings
  7. Brinton Films
  8. Etsy
  9. Casey Neistat
  10. Kale Fitch
  11. Revolutionary Optimists
  12. Jonathan Britnell
  13. Couture Motion Pictures
  14. Kibo Group
  15. Ben West
  16. Scissortail Media Will Stackable
  17. New Life Ranch
  18. Protest Sportswear

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