Ken Kniskern

Ada, OK

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During my time at Oklahoma Baptist University about 17 years ago, I began exploring the call to service that God had placed upon my life in the area of music and ministry as a young teenager, and began my journey into full time service, and through the past decade that call has been refined, and even redefined as our family circumstances have changed. I love leading worship, and enjoy a wide range of music, from the traditional hymns I grew up with to the contemporary praise songs being written today that stir the soul. I don’t believe in a “worship style” but rather work to create an atmosphere where ALL people feel comfortable worshipping. I know that my talents and abilities are a gift from God, and thus it is my duty to use them to further His kingdom. I am a people person, and lead from a very relational standpoint, focusing my efforts on people development over programming. As a process person, I am always looking to find ways to streamline and make our methods more efficient and productive. I am no stranger to change, and am not afraid to be the catalyst for finding better from good. I have excellent communication skills, and am very comfortable in a formal or informal group setting with peers, executives, or in front of extremely large audiences. I have led worship in churches from 25 people through 2000 people, and am amazed how God moves and works despite our best efforts.

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