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Knappy is not your typical DJ / VJ. He is one of the premiere live music turntablists in the industry. His musical expertise ranges from classical music, hip-hop, modern rock, club, electronic and industrial. Much of this is attributed to his experience and studies of classical percussion, composition, and electrical engineering at one of the world’s finest Conservatory, the Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University . The past 12 years he has cultivated his skills into an art that has been used by many clubs and artists. He has spun vinyl for many groups in both the live situations and studio recordings.

Knappy has entertained thousands in club performances that ranged from hip-hop to house. Whether beat mixing, juggling, or composing on the turntables, he adds an energy to every performance that radiates through the crowd. He is also a musician that is an integral part of the band Engine No. 9, earning the respect of fellow musicians and DJs up and down the east coast.

Knappy is not just a DJ but also an experienced recording engineer, producer, and writer. Owning and operating his own successful recording studio, he I well versed in all aspects of the art of making music. Many of his projects include remixes for artists both large and small. His work has spanned from mix tapes to major label releases. His knowledge and dexterity working with classic gear to the newest software and hardware has created a demand to work with him in the studio.

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