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St. Chalres, MO

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I have many passions in my life. My biggest passion is my wife, Barb and two daughters Morgan and Madison. I am constantly working on being a better Dad and Husband. How I feed the family is in the financial services industry, I mainly focus on treasury management. I am often on a plane traveling though the united states working with many bright financial minds as a mentor, a coach, and a trainer to those who manage billions. In the past two years I have trained about 100 individuals who work on portfolios over a billion dollars, and thousands who manage less than a billion. I have only written one book on investing but have written a few continuing educations and accreditation programs. The biggest challenge I work with is lowering risk and increasing return.

I am blessed with a high IQ and with it I have the ability to figure things out that stump most people. What I do for fun is play in a Beatles cover band, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, I am a Dive Master with PADI, I have had many underwater photographs published, I maintain a 150 gallon reef aquarium, show my photography in art studios and other venues, make videos, mentor young entrepenures

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