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Kokua is a Hawaiian word that can mean helper, aid, assistance, relief, and co-operation. Our company's mission is to come along individuals like yourself, and assist you in your storytelling. Whether it's your wedding day, or personal story. We want to do it well, thus, we only accept only a handful of projects each year. Our vision is direct and meaningful, telling your story in a way that is tangible, accessible, and with a deeper personal connection and meanings. Thus, we like to get to know you rather than a quick impersonal way. Our path is to empower lives though moving images. Our way of communication is through conceptual films and professional quality images. Our stories are fun, creative, artistic, moody, and sometimes, unorthodox. We are a grassroots company from Orange County Ca, organically sown and spirited through the Hawaiian Islands to serve you where you need us.

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