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KOLBAK is a musical project written, arranged and produced by Harold Pflug (Seneca, Redbrick VCR) and incept dated March 2007. In between his work for his other band In Stitches, Harold will tour sporadically as solo act. Currently he is writing songs to his follow up to Peaceful Little Taint (2008), called Keeping Up/Appearances. Inbetween these sessions, on 27 September 2012 he will present his soundtrack to Patrick Bassant's debut novel Joy.

Peace in and out.

The Press on Harold:
Rockminded.com (11 March 2005): “singer and guitarist Harold Pflug as eycatching jumping and spastically moving singer.”

OOR (4 May 2002, nr 9): “pleasant, boyish voice”

Fret (June 2002). “Harold Pflug's voice is pleasant and honest.”

LiveXS (March 2002): “Decive is singer/acoustic guitar player Harold Pflug. With his inspiring vocals he has the knack for moving the audience and at the same time maintain the suspence.”

Amstelveens Nieuwsblad (January 2002): “The conviction of listening to something special permanently settles when singer Harold Pflug straps on his acoustic guitar and delivers his message to world more sustained. Through Pflugs fascinating voice and the backing vocals by the other memebers the band almost sounds Irish.”

Asice.net (May 2010): “I liked the vocals quite a lot, the pop punk/post-punk songs all sounded solid and the performances were spotless.”

Punx.nl: (June 2010) “Postpunk with very good vocals...”


  1. Zero Landscape