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We formed Kontent as New Zealand’s go to ‘new media’ company, which means we specialize in moving footage production across multiple platforms. TVC’s if that’s what needed – often with extra on-line content shot at the same time (we are experts at social media optimisation). Filming public stunts and cutting short to long videos of them. Or projects that need to be shot a bit at a time over weeks or months. No set lengths. No set format.

We love tricky projects – whether it be a TVC that needs a clever approach to make it work, interactive content for websites or longer form stories like following a particular brand’s product around New Zealand and not only updating their website daily but cutting great little stories for the client to use in the future however they want.

We work in a whole new way – matching the people to the project exactly – with no excess. Except in enthusiasm. Plus we put every dollar on screen by being smart, flexible and having all our own camera and editing gear.

Always happy to have a chat and see how we can make things work.

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