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Hi to everyone!

I'm kostas and for the past two years I'm a UK based freelance sound designer and recordist. I have worked in a wide variety of projects, from corporate videos, conferences and interviews to film, documentaries and TV.

I believe that sound is a powerful tool which can take visuals to the next level. It vitalizes the visual theme, giving the necessary dynamic to engage and stimulate the viewer. Good audio is essential for any media to stand out, from marketing campaigns and aural logos to micro budget short films. Don't let the sound side of things let you down.

Contact me regardless of the size of your project! I'd be happy to hear from you.

Well, I think that is all the basic info till now. I wont go further analyzing what an awesomely good guy I am (...) or go deeper into philosophical, social and political views and thoughts!

If u like my work feel free to add me in your linkedin account here

Also, have a look at my website for more info!

Thank u all for watching and remember that your feedback is more than welcome!



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