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  1. Independent Filmmakers

    by Brian Chambers Productions joined

    61K Videos / 17.5K Members

    This group is designed to showcase and promote any independent features, shorts, trailers, tests etc.

  2. demo reels

    by OutFluxCG joined

    2,737 Videos / 1,798 Members

  3. demo reel Group

    by wangwei1024 joined

    1,476 Videos / 988 Members

  4. Must See Demoreels

    by versa joined

    652 Videos / 3,455 Members

    SELECTED Demo\Showreels that you must see! This group is FOR REELS ONLY. PreModeration by versa. UPD: temporary new videos will be adding by moderator only. Best!

  5. Snowboarding

    by Wes Coughlin joined

    7,771 Videos / 2,520 Members

    The snowboarding group on vimeo.

  6. We Heart Downhill

    by Justus Zimmerly joined

    1,882 Videos / 758 Members

    A group for downhill skateboarders on Vimeo to share their video exploits.

  7. The Great Outdoors

    by Old Man and the Mountain Media joined

    1,240 Videos / 552 Members

    A place for all you fellow treehuggers, dirtworshippers, mountainfreaks, forest fairies and river rats to share your videos of our beloved planet. Namaste'.

  8. Creativity Outdoors

    by www.KORDUROY.tv joined

    187 Videos / 51 Members

    People doing creative things with nature.

  9. Nature

    by Ian S joined

    3,163 Videos / 795 Members

    Nature; from that grass covering your property to that chirping bird. With so many subjects, there aren't enough terabytes for a video of each subject. Post a video of anything you want related…

  10. Adventure Sports

    by MMLabs joined

    948 Videos / 261 Members

    Adventure racing, triathlon, duathlon, trail running, rock climbing, bouldering, kayaking, caving and so much more

  11. Adventure travel

    by Adventure Travel joined

    3,380 Videos / 1,095 Members

    Come and see the world's best travel videos.

  12. WorldCycle Videos

    by Blanche joined

    2,799 Videos / 2,063 Members

    - LONG DISTANCE CYCLE TOURING - self-supporting, overnight & panniers on >> For all who enjoy the adventure of cycle touring the world. Get inspired and add your films! >>…

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