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Koryo Group (Koryo Tours and Koryo Studio) is a British-run company based in Beijing specialising in DPRK (North Korea) Travel, Cultural Exchange, Art, Film, Publications, and Merchandise.

We are very proud of the work we do in Korea and our expertise is based on the visits we have made to the country every month since 1993.

Koryo Tours is recognised as being the only North Korea travel specialists and provide tourists and North Koreans alike with the greatest opportunity of exchange. Our cultural projects have the support of the British Government. We believe passionately in engagement and from the impact that our various projects have had on the ground in Korea we need no other vindication of this approach. At Koryo Tours we thrive on exchanging  ideas to give the North Korean people the opportunities that interaction brings. Whether you are simply wanting to visit the country, run a sporting event, art show, film screening, or just want to know more then please contact us.

We love a challenge and our list of achievements are testament to both our efforts and expertise as well as that of our Korean partner. This list includes; the first western documentaries filmed in the DPRK, opening up new tourist destinations, sports exchanges, the first ever nationwide screening of a Western feature film, the first co-production of a romantic comedy feature film, being the first travel company to take in over 1,000 tourists a year, commissioning the first pieces of art for international exhibitions. These all make up the first small steps to engagement.

We guarantee that if you decide to travel with Koryo Tours you will get the best possible tourist experience in North Korea.

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