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Kouni has been my nickname back in Germany for a very long time, and one friend of mine once came up with the name “kounichiwa”. I found it really funny and so it became my (online) artist name. The things I did during my studies and professional work life are listed on my websites' "about" section in chronological order, so here are some things you don’t find in my cv:

I love digging music, I love playing guitar, I love vinyls, I love cooking, I love eating, I love surfing, I love to hang out with my friends at the beach on fullmoon nights or any other moment, I love travelling, I love meeting new people, I love love, I love radio love love, I love soul music, I love the 60s, the 70s but not that much the 80s, I love mafia movies, I love science fiction movies…
and more…

I hate brussel sprouts.

Communication Designer BA
Motion Graphics Designer MA


Jakob Konrad

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