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Los Angeles, CA

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i THINK there are few things in life better than good conversation…the stay-up-all-night-really-makes-you-think conversation.

i DANCE. I’ll dance to anything, anytime. I feel sexy when I dance. I make up moves all the time. When I get nervous I’ll move my shoulders up and down and purposely do something stupid to make a joke of it. I divert a lot of my insecurities with laughter or sarcasm. I love nothing better than twirling in circles in the rain, barefoot, with my arms stretched out in the streets of Florida when the pavement is still hot. I think I’ll keep twirling in life until someone stops me who has something more important to say or for me to do.

i'm an AIRFORCE GIRL. I’ve lived all over the world: Millington, TN... Panama City, FL...Geilenkirchen, Germany...Pratville, AL...Ft.Leavenworth, KS...Tampa,FL...Warner Robbins, GA...Tallahassee,FL, Los Angeles, CA, Lafayette, LA and now back in lala land. I’ve seen a lot…I’ve lived a lot.

i'm a GIVER. through and through. I give so much to the people I care about and I'll do anything to make it better. I will listen to your stories if it takes hours. I will cancel my night to listen to you cry. i will make you feel like you are the most special person in the world...and ask nothing in return.

i love MUSIC. It’s the soundtrack of my life. I listen to everything. The 80s melts my heart. I don’t know what I’d do without music. I tend to gravitate towards musicians. My brother loved music.

i WRITE. but not for anyone but myself. It is my release. it helps to organize my thoughts and make sense of the mess inside my head. Sometimes I write letters to people and never give it to them.

i TALK. usually more than i mean to. ask me a personal question and i'll give you a story. ask me a controversial question and i'll give you a debate. i hate the sound of my own voice, but i despise the sound of silence more.

i am addicted to SELF-SABOTAGE.I destroy things before they destroy me, even if they might not have. I convince people they will hurt me and then they inevitably do. Rewind and repeat.

i have a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY and the only person that can pull me out of it is me. I've been addicted to tetris, spider solitaire, cigarettes, myspace, dunkin donuts coffee, wine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and numerous other things. I will listen to the same song over and over...yes I'm THAT girl.

i HATE LIES because I ALWAYS find out the truth in a much worse way then I should’ve. I'm a firm believer that it's best to just be honest...i'll take the good with the bad and then i'll respect you for all of it.

my FAMILY is my heart and soul, the only people who’ve known me all my life. One of them is gone, and that’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to talk about.

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. i'm not perfect, but i'm as perfect as i'm ever going to be, so love me for me. or leave me alone...