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At KR Media UK we don't just produce distinct communications for a range of clients from conception to delivery.
We are passionate to the core. Whether its creating TV ads, Short Films to Feature Films. Television Pilots to Television Series, Training Films to Training Events Videos. Animation, Design, storyboarding.

The thinking behind the creation, the execution and delivery is what it's all about.

We've created content that has made a difference, created a mood, evoked a change in the thinking of the people that use domestic and Global brands on a daily basis.

We work with organisations such as Initial, Canon UK, Syngenta, Barclays Bank, Emirates Airlines, SKY, DHL Worldwide,Harrods, Mastercard,British Airways, Air Canada,Audi, Mercedes,Skoda, 2012 Olympic Committee, UNICEF, XBox, Microsoft,Grants Distilleries.

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