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Kristina M. Schulte-Eversum, BVK graduated from the WWU (Germany) with her PhD. in Journalism and Sociology. Her dissertation ‘Zwischen Realität und Fiktion. Dogma 95 als postmoderner Wirklichkeits-Remix?’ was published by UVK Medien in 2007. In 2009 Kristina finished her MFA in Cinematography at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. And in 2011 she was invited to join the prestigious BVK (Bundesverband Kamera = German Society of Cinematographers) as one of 16 women to date.
Kristina has always been lead by the passion for camera work and film. She started shooting documentaries in 2002 while living in South Africa (KALK BAY FISCHERMEN and GOLDEN – FROM TINS TO FLOWERS). To improve her skills she started working for DEDO WEIGERT FILM handling high-speed cameras and lighting. Later Kristina opened up the American branch of CMOTION FILM TECH., INC. in Los Angeles, handling camera accessories and 2D and 3D lens and camera remote systems.
Today Kristina’s camera work includes documentaries and features as well as music videos, commercials, news footage, television magazines and art installations. She has worked for such channels as BBC, WDR, RTL, RTL II, 9 LIFE and PRO SIEBEN in ‘life’ and ‘recorded’ formats - in and outside the studio - on a camera crane or handheld. Kristina’s work has been awarded with the FUJIFILM AWARD as well as the PANAVISION YOUNG FILMMAKERS AWARD. Her art has been supported by the prestigious TOM YODA scholarship (USA), the DAAD scholarship (Germany) and the PHILANTHROPHY AWARD for her documentary LANGE FOUNDATION.
Her passion is Fine Art Photography and she is currently prepping for an exhibit called 'Lost in the naked City'.

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