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Carsten Kurpanek was born and raised in Germany and moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue a career in film. He was an assistant editor on films such as "Machine Gun Preacher", "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", and "World War Z", before making the jump to feature editor with the drama-thriller "Squatters", starring Gabrielle Wilde, Luke Grimes and Richard Dreyfuss. He then edited the indie dramas "Diving Normal", and "Fort Bliss", starring Michelle Monaghan and Ron Livingston. He most recently co-edited Relativity's sci-fi adventure film "Earth To Echo".

As a director, Carsten has created award-winning short films like "Left and Leaving" and "The White Room". He recently finished two horror shorts, "Breathe" and "Bad". His next project is the romantic comedy short "Happily Ever After".

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  1. Paul Bae commented on BAD
    Man, you are really good at making people lose sleep. Again, well done! (Love the tone/mood you set in your films.)
  2. Paul Bae commented on BREATHE
    This is beautifully shot, Carsten. Tight framing made it hard for me to breath while watching. Perfectly executed.