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Hello my name is Kyle LaCkore, and I am a Director of Photography! I grew up in southern Florida. Coral Springs to be exact. Ever since I set my hand on-top of my first camera I knew I was hooked. My dream is to be a director of photography in hollywood. I know I have to start somewhere small, but that is my dream.
Currently, I am attending Full Sail University for a Bachelors of science for Film. Full sails motto is a "Real world" Education, consisting of a "24" hour school scheduling. Sure it is brutal, but it will give me a two year head start into the industry.
I am always looking for new and exiting projects to do, so If you need any help with any thing from video to audio, even graphic design. I am your man. Add me on Facebook with the link provided below. Check out some of my videos and let me know what you think.


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